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4 Interesting Facts about Whitetail Deer

facts about whitetail deerWhitetail deer hunting season is the one time out of the year that every hunter looks forward to, and for a good reason. What better way is there to spend time with friends than tracking one of nature’s most elusive and majestic targets? Here are some facts that you might not know about whitetail deer:

  1. The Whitetail Deer is the Most Popular Game Animal in North AmericaThese beasts are found in almost every area of the country, making their hunting season one that hunters can access across the country.
  2. The Origin of the Whitetail Deer’s Name is Fairly Self ExplanatoryHowever, what you’ve probably also observed as a hunter is the way they use their white tail markings. When whitetail deer are alarmed, they stick up their tail and use the white underside to alert other deer to be on high guard against danger.
  3. The Term “Buck” Comes From the Price of a Male PeltYou probably covet the opportunity to bring down a prized buck, but you might not know the origin of the nickname. In frontier times, the market price for a male deer fur was one dollar, i.e. “a buck.”
  4. Adult Whitetail Deer Can Run 40 mph and Jump Over 9 Foot FencesPart of the fun of whitetail deer hunting comes from the fact that they are so athletic and elusive, and bringing them down can take a considerable amount of tracking.

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