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4 Tips to European Pheasant Shooting

4 Tips to European Pheasant ShootingEuropean pheasants are one of our favorite game here at Big Easy Ranch. Although many people hunt these birds each year, many come up empty. Consider these four tips to make your next pheasant hunt a success:

  1. Determining Range
    One of the most important parts of European pheasant shooting is your ability to judge your range from the pheasants at rest. Having a basic grasp on your distance from the pheasants will help you immensely when they take off.
  2. Use a Good Bird Dog
    Although you can be successful walking through cover and flushing birds without a dog, the most successful hunters use a good bird dog. The dog will not only help you find more pheasants, but they’ll track them down after you shot it.
  3. Drive Birds
    If you’re hunting early in the season, position yourself atop a nearby hill or ridge and wait. Then, slowly push the birds through the brush and cover by walking zigzag down the hill. Pheasants typically run through the cover and fly once it ends, which is where the hunter should be stationed.
  4. Practice
    Most importantly, practice makes perfect. As much as learning specific techniques helps, it’s just as important to be a good shot and have an understanding for working with your dog. Whenever you get a chance, schedule time at Big Easy Ranch to practice clay shooting during the off-season, or plan a European pheasant hunt when the season returns.

Big Easy Ranch offers a variety of hunting experiences including European pheasant hunting, upland birds, and more. In addition to providing a variety of game, Big Easy feature an on-site dog kennel with handlers and well-trained bird dogs available for your hunt. You can even kennel your own dog with us during your stay. Call us today at 979-733-8635 to learn more about our European pheasant shoots.