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Hal Sutton Golf Academy

It’s not every day that you get a chance to get a lesson from a former Ryder Cup captain and multiple PGA Tour winner. That’s why the Big Easy Ranch partnered with PGA legend Hal Sutton for personal instruction at the Hal Sutton Golf Academy. The Academy is set on the Big Easy, a 9-hole par-3 Chet Williams championship course, built on the beautiful 1,300-acre Big Easy Ranch.

Hal Sutton

Hal Sutton, a former PGA champion in 1983, winner of 14 PGA Tour titles including two TPC titles (considered the fifth major) in a long, storied career and Ryder Cup captain in 2004 offers completely customized programs. He’ll share 35-plus years of expertise and experience in individual lessons, group sessions, or playing lessons. Be the Right Club Today!

Chase Cooper
Director of Instruction

Chase brings a new school approach to the Hal Sutton Golf Academy. Chase played both collegiate and professional golf at a very high level before becoming an instructor. Prior to joining the Big Easy, Chase conducted educational seminars around the world, and analyzed thousands of players’ swings using 3D motion capture. Chase will be using his golf expertise and experience, as well as his extensive background with our different golf technologies, to help golfers of all skill levels reach their goals.


We understand the importance technology plays in today’s day and age. Technology tells the truth and allows Hal and staff to get to the root cause much faster. We offer the latest and greatest technology available from TrackMan, GEARS, SwingCatalyst, MySwing, etc. We’ll leave no stone unturned in our journey to take your game to the next level.


Interested in getting some new golf clubs? We have the latest offerings from Titleist, Callaway, PING and PXG. Let our experienced staff fit you for your next set of clubs!

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Proud Parents of a Junior Golfer We are so fortunate to have had a chance to have our daughter, Anne, work with one of the golf greats, Mr. Hal Sutton. Mr. Sutton’s vast golf knowledge and dedication has been such a positive influence on our daughter’s golf game – both physically and mentally. In a short period of time, Anne’s golf game has improved to a new level, whic... read more

Hal Sutton Academy Offers Unique Instruction Experience The Hal Sutton Golf Academy offers a unique golf instruction experience not offered anywhere -not to mention receiving instruction from a touring PGA professional. The Academy offers a three-dimensional approach including: Active instruction on the range and course; Technical/video (TrackMan) approaches that validates the personal instru... read more

Junior Golfers Learn Valuable Lessons On and Off the Course Growing up, you hear about golf’s greats and how they played accurately, and every shot was hit to perfection. … Mr. Hal Sutton is one of them. His generosity and compassion for Junior Golfers, like me, help us improve mentally and physically, making sure that we are hitting consistently straight with the right technique. Because of Mr. S... read more

Hal Shares Golf Knowledge and Inspires Drive for Excellence We highly recommend Hal, a man who has “been there and done that” when most instructors in the game of golf have never played a single professional round. Hal, having stared down top players from Jack Nicklaus (1983 PGA Championship) and Tiger Woods (2000 Players Championship), knows what it takes to battle physically, mentally and emotionally... read more

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