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Hal’s Mission

Learning how to play golf at a higher level is a journey. Are you are in the middle of your golf journey but can’t figure out where to go next? The Hal Sutton Golf Academy is committed to enhancing your journey with top-notch instruction presented in a stimulating fashion.

The game of golf that we all love is made up of a long game and a short game. In order to be great you must be proficient in both but seldom are you equally talented at both.

In all my days on the tour, I never saw anyone turn their weakness into their strength but I did see some, including myself, hurt their strength by devoting too much time to their weakness. A great swing is an exact sequence of events that starts from the ground up. Great posture with good balance is the start of something good. There is also a conscious mind and a subconscious mind and learning when to go mindless is an art.

At the Hal Sutton Academy, you will learn what all of this “feels” like. If you can “feel it” you can repeat it. Today, most everyone is under the impression that golf is made up of a bunch of technical “mumbo jumbo numbers.” Do you think Ben Hogan would’ve been better or worse if he had known what the exact angle or speed were on that particular shot? Well, we will never know that answer but I will say for sure that he “felt” the exact sequence of events of a great golf swing with as much efficiency as anyone that has ever played the game.

At the Hal Sutton Academy our focus will be “feel” and understanding what that means to the swing. Though we are equipped with today’s technology, you will need to know what those numbers “feel” like. Technology is conscious and “feel” is more subconscious. All great rounds seem like they were easy with little thought because you were “feeling it” instead of thinking it.

Our academy has a world class par-3 course designed by Chet Williams as well as the ultimate practice facility equipped with the latest technology. Here you can learn firsthand that distance is great but it’s really great iron play and short game that lowers scores. Whether it’s a one-on-one lesson or a corporate retreat we can take you to a higher level of understanding the game.

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Proud Parents of a Junior GolferWe are so fortunate to have had a chance to have our daughter, Anne, work with one of the golf greats, Mr. Hal Sutton. Mr. Sutton’s vast golf knowledge and dedication has been such a positive influence on our daughter’s golf game – both physically and mentally. In a short period of time, Anne’s golf game has improved to a new level, whic... read more

Hal Sutton Academy Offers Unique Instruction ExperienceThe Hal Sutton Golf Academy offers a unique golf instruction experience not offered anywhere -not to mention receiving instruction from a touring PGA professional. The Academy offers a three-dimensional approach including: Active instruction on the range and course; Technical/video (TrackMan) approaches that validates the personal instru... read more

Junior Golfers Learn Valuable Lessons On and Off the CourseGrowing up, you hear about golf’s greats and how they played accurately, and every shot was hit to perfection. … Mr. Hal Sutton is one of them. His generosity and compassion for Junior Golfers, like me, help us improve mentally and physically, making sure that we are hitting consistently straight with the right technique. Because of Mr. S... read more

Hal Shares Golf Knowledge and Inspires Drive for ExcellenceWe highly recommend Hal, a man who has “been there and done that” when most instructors in the game of golf have never played a single professional round. Hal, having stared down top players from Jack Nicklaus (1983 PGA Championship) and Tiger Woods (2000 Players Championship), knows what it takes to battle physically, mentally and emotionally... read more

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