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Hal Shares Golf Knowledge and Inspires Drive for Excellence

We highly recommend Hal, a man who has “been there and done that” when most instructors in the game of golf have never played a single professional round. Hal, having stared down top players from Jack Nicklaus (1983 PGA Championship) and Tiger Woods (2000 Players Championship), knows what it takes to battle physically, mentally and emotionally against the best in the world.

His background includes receiving instruction from Ben Hogan, Harvey Penick and Jackie Burke, to name just a few. Hal was wise enough to glean the best aspects of instruction from the best instructors in the past 80 years of the game of golf. He has parlayed the instruction he received along with his decades of playing professionally into a desire to give back!

Hal’s passion, at this point in life, is to pass along knowledge and also the drive for excellence and focus that seems to be missing for many today. His goal, when working with a younger golfer, is to develop a better person not just a better golfer.

Our family has come to know Hal over the last 12 years as man that has great vision and a deep desire to make things better. We’ve seen tremendous growth in our son, Travis, in how he competes – in all sports, and how he is able to handle pressures he faces. Hal has been a big part of that development.

Without reservation, we unequivocally recommend Hal Sutton for anyone looking to improve their game!

‑ Trey and Amanda Vick