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Hal Sutton Academy Offers Unique Instruction Experience

The Hal Sutton Golf Academy offers a unique golf instruction experience not offered anywhere -not to mention receiving instruction from a touring PGA professional.

The Academy offers a three-dimensional approach including:

  1. Active instruction on the range and course;
  2. Technical/video (TrackMan) approaches that validates the personal instruction; and finally,
  3. Hal’s professional “on-course” affirmation of instruction and strategies which maximizes the participates success.

Beyond golf instruction, Hal and his team are highly engaging and approachable on any golf-related questions. He definitely exceeded our expectations.

Also, Hal proved to be highly engaging with the players, even offering funny, insightful and sometimes quite surprising golf stories! These are revealing stories only someone that has lived on the PGA and Senior tours for more 30 years would know.

Finally, Hal is an avid outdoorsman and he incorporates hunting and other non-golf activities into his message. This approach gives students an even greater insight beyond Hal the successful PGA tour player to Hal the family man.

Hal will help every participant hit the shot that will …”be the Right Club Today”. I highly recommend the Hal Sutton Academy for an excellent, and unique, golf experience.

– Roger Plott