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Dog Kennels

Here at the Big Easy Ranch we have excellent facilities for housing any dogs being brought along for the hunt. The Kennels are right on site allowing for easy collection at any time of the day.

Why Dogs Help
 Any serious hunter will be well aware of the advantages that dogs can bring to a hunt. Even today’s pampered pooches still at heart retain a hunting instinct – and this makes them excellent sidekicks for both retrieving and spotting prey. Given the variety of games that we host at the Big Easy Ranch be it foul, pheasants, exotics of our famous Whitetail deer; dogs will always add a helping hand towards making for a successful hunt.

Indeed a healthy percentage of our guests come here to hunt the preeminent Whitetail deer we host and tend to find dogs – either their own or borrowed from our own pack – add a real advantage towards making a score. Our guides, who will accompany guests 1-on-1 each expedition, are experts in handling dogs when hunting our Whitetails and will be sure to assist in using them to help line up the perfect shot.

Our Grounds
 Don’t forget there’s no shortage of space for the dogs to explore and seek out prey here at the ranch. Our grounds stretch to an almighty 1,300 wooded and rolling acres, meaning that even if the dog is mainly just along for the ride, they’re going to love the freedom to explore such a variety of environments.

Big Easy Ranch
 Any guests intending to bring their own dogs along to Big Easy Ranch are advised to contact us in advance so we can arrange and reserve suitable kenneling space. Likewise, guests who may require the services of one of our pack are kindly requested to call ahead so we can make sure a suitable dog is available on the day. For any inquiries, or to plan your next exciting hunting trip, contact us today at 979.733.8635.

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