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Junior Golfers Learn Valuable Lessons On and Off the Course

Growing up, you hear about golf’s greats and how they played accurately, and every shot was hit to perfection. … Mr. Hal Sutton is one of them.

His generosity and compassion for Junior Golfers, like me, help us improve mentally and physically, making sure that we are hitting consistently straight with the right technique.

Because of Mr. Sutton, I have learn to play the game of golf better than ever and to striving to reach my potential as an athlete. It’s not just about the swing or how far I can hit the ball, it’s about how to control yourself under pressure, keeping a positive attitude and not giving up when times are hard.

It’s not always about golf on the course. It’s about you being the best you can be as a human, and Mr. Sutton guides us toward that direction.

-Anne Chen